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Explore our range of men's baggy jeans. Our luxury denim range is crafted to elevate your style in comfort with our bespoke sizing, designs and accents.

Our luxury, loose fit jeans are crafted from premium Candiani Denim, ensuring that you can experience nothing but comfort whilst wearing any of our baggy jeans. Pair with one of our men's oversized t-shirts and an oversized hoodie for an understated yet fashionable look. Finish with some of our Streetwear Shoes to complete your look.

At the forefront of our collection of loose fit jeans is our baggy denim. Coming in various colours including black, vintage black, blue cream, vintage blue, greystone and worn blue. Our baggy jeans are incredibly versatile, and can be worn with limitless outfit combinations. We have a variety of styles for our loose fit jeans, including standard denim, destroyer denim, which features destroyed knees, and shredded denim, which has heavy hand-destroyed and repaired detailing. One of our most versatile pieces in this collection is our black baggy jeans. Check out our article on black jeans outfits for men to see some of the best outfits to wear your black baggy jeans with.