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Our luxury backpacks are designed by our in-house team, where we look at materials, accents, shape, feel and utility. Then once we believe we have reached the perfect luxury backpack we brief our Italian manufacturers to craft them. Our backpacks come in a tartan, brown and black colour way upon a luxury nylon body.

Our crossbody bags allow multiple compartments to sit across the body in a seamless fashion, featuring oxidised zips and three subtle pockets. The luxury phone bag features an oxidised chain and pocket engineered solely for a mobile phone, making it a unique statement piece in any look. 

Then we have our luxury backpacks crafted in a complete nylon body, featuring heavy metal accents and leather straps, our duffle bags are crafted with the same luxury materials yet allow for significantly more storage - making it the perfect travel bag. We also. have a range of streetwear backpacks, which most customers combine their look with our streetwear hoodies.

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