FAQs - 247 Training Pant - Black

What is the composition of the 247 Training Pant, and how does it benefit the wearer?

The 247 Training Pant is made from an 87% Nylon and 13% Elastane blend, offering a balance of durability, flexibility, and comfort. This composition ensures the pants are stretchy for freedom of movement, yet resilient enough for rigorous workouts.

What unique features do the 247 Training Pants offer for storage and convenience?

These pants are equipped with branded auto-lockable zip hand pockets and a zip centre back waistband pocket, providing secure storage options for valuables. Additionally, auto-lockable zip openings to the ankle add convenience and ease of wear.

How do the 247 Training Pants ensure a comfortable and customizable fit?

Comfort and fit are prioritized with a soft shell lined elasticated waistband and an adjustable drawcord, allowing for a snug, customizable fit that adapts to your body shape and movement during workouts.

Are the 247 Training Pants suitable for daily use, and if so, why?

Yes, the 247 Training Pants are recommended for everyday use due to their durable and flexible fabric blend, secure storage options, and adjustable features for comfort, making them versatile for both active and casual settings.

How is the 247 branding incorporated into the design of the Training Pants?

The branding is tastefully integrated with the 247 number branding displayed on the front and the 247 logo on the back, lending a stylish and recognizable look to these high-performance training pants.