What is Cotton?

What is Cotton?



Cotton is a natural fibre which has become a cornerstone in the world of fashion. This article will present everything you need to know about cotton and why we use it in our clothing. 

Benefits of Cotton in Fashion

Natural and Sustainable

Cotton stands out as a natural and sustainable fabric, playing a role in creating more eco-friendly fashion. Its cultivation requires fewer chemicals, reducing environmental impact compared to other fibres.

Softness and Comfort

Renowned for its softness, cotton provides a high degree of comfort. The fabric's gentle touch makes it a preferred choice for everyday wear, ensuring a comfortable experience for the wearer.

Breathability and Moisture Absorption

Cotton's breathability and moisture absorption properties make it ideal for every season or climate. Whether in warm or cool conditions, cotton adapts, offering a comfortable and fresh feel.

Versatility in Style

Cotton's versatility allows for a range of styles, from casual to sophisticated. Its adaptability makes it a favourite for use across a range of categories, from t-shirts and hoodies to cargos and underwear.

Key Features of Cotton

Natural Fibre Composition

Being a natural fibre, cotton has a soft hand feel composition. This makes it not only comfortable but also better for the skin than other, synthetic fibres.

Strength and Durability

Cotton's strength and durability ensure a long lifespan for garments. It withstands regular wear and washing, maintaining its quality over time.

Colour Retention

Cotton retains colours well, providing vibrant and long-lasting clothing. This feature adds to its allure as a fabric that remains visually appealing throughout its lifespan.

Hypoallergenic Properties

For those with sensitive skin, cotton's hypoallergenic properties make it a better and more comfortable choice. It minimises the risk of skin irritations, enhancing the overall wearing experience.


In conclusion, cotton is a a sustainable, comfortable, and versatile fabric in the world of fashion. At Represent, we are part of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), which ensures that we only use the best cotton from more sustainable and higher standard sources.