Best Running Shorts for Men

Best Running Shorts for Men


Best Running Shorts For Men

Whether it be long distance, trail running a quick run round the block, going for a run is one of the most popular forms of exercise to help build up your fitness & cardio. There are many things you should look for when shopping for that perfect running short, and some non-negotiable components that need to be included whilst shopping for that perfect pair of running shorts. These include liners, fabrics, pockets & short length, in this blog we will go into more detail about why these factors are so important, then highlight our short that we believe ticks all these boxes, and are the best running shorts for men on the market today.

Best Running Shorts Features

Technical Fabrics

Technical fabrics and materials are one of the most underrated and looked over things when it comes to picking your pair of running shorts. Your standard cotton pair of shorts I see a lot of people running in, are not made to run as they soak up lots of moisture and ultimately can cause chafing. 

The best running shorts for men usually use a hybrid mix of technical fabrics & blends to ensure sweat wicking capabilities are performed and moisture can pass through the short nicely. Many also use stretchy materials such as elastane and spandex to ensure the short is able to stretch whilst you are running and you are able to get that full range of motion you need.



All the best running shorts include a soft lining to help further reduce the threat of chafing and irritation. A lot of the best running shorts offer that 2 in 1 lining built into the short, the underlining also helps with compression on the leg, to help increase blood flow for faster recovery.


Shorter Inseam

Another feature that is popular in mens running shorts is the shorter inseam, this means that the short is higher up on your leg and allows for a greater freedom of movement whilst on the run. A lot of people believe these shorter inseam shorts are much more comfortable whilst running, and ultimately that is one of the biggest factors you need to look for in your running shorts. The more comfortable you feel in them, the better you perform.



An essential part of any running shorts, and something most people take for granted and how much the pockets matter on a pair of shorts. A factor that may be the most crucial in a pair of running shorts is zip pockets, at the very least you take your phone and keys out with you on the run, and you need somewhere safe & secure to keep those items on your run. Without zip ockets, those items would be left behind after a few strides.

The placement of these pockets is also essential, you should look for pockets close to your waist, as these will cause your items to bounce much less during the run. If these pockets are located to the rear to the short, that's the dream combination.


The Best Running Short For Men

Considering all those factors we have just ran through there, we believe at Represent we have created a short that ticks all those boxes, and is the best running shorts for men on the market. 

Introducing the 247 Active Shorts. As part of our Winter 247 drop, these shorts were modelled on our original 247 pant fabrication and tailored to meet all those important factors. The shorts come in a Black & Dusk colourway with contrasting rubber stamped logo imprinted on both the short and under layer, and come in a full size runway.

The shorts themselves include a 2 in 1 built in short lining, they help aid you with muscle compression & blood flow whilst running and help aids irritation and lessen the threat of chafing. The 4 way stretch material gives a full 360 degrees of stretch, allowing for a full range of motion with no restrictions.

The pockets on these shorts are perfect, they have front zipper pockets close to the waist, which mentioned before helps your items not bounce around whilst running. It also has an extra pocket concealed at the rear for any other items you want to securely store on the run.

They have an elasticated waistband to aid with sizing and helps keep the shorts in place on the run, they also have adjustable inner drawcords if you are ever needing to tighten the shorts for extra security on the run. The shorts are also water resistant, this means it gives protection from light rain to ensure you aren't soaked on your run, but it is not fully waterproof so don't go swimming in these!

The shorts have a 13 inch inseam, which is our shortest short we have in our 247 range. These short shorts are then able to help with your range of motion, and you can look good whilst doing so, the 2 popular colourways help you look good whilst on the run and are easy to match with plenty of our other 247 products.

We'd recommend pairing these shorts with one of our 247 compound skins, these skins come in both long sleeve and short sleeve, so depending on what kind of weather you will be running in, you can pick and choose the length. The skins uses the same 4 way stretch and sweat wicking materials as the shorts, so you get that ultimate comfort and mobility during your run. The skins comes in a Black, Grey and Dusk colourways to perfectly match the Active Shorts too.

There are plenty of other pieces within the 247 range that can accompany and help you whilst running, including some of our accessories like our 247 Gloves & 247 sports bottle. Shop the full 247 range here and grab yourself some high end running gear. If you're looking for an easy pair of training shorts to wear, be sure to explore our range of black shorts.