FAQs - 247 Fused Shorts

What makes the 247 Fused Shorts sustainable?

The 247 Fused Shorts are crafted from a blend of 88% recycled nylon and 12% elastane, making them a sustainable choice. The use of recycled nylon reduces the demand for new materials and helps in minimizing environmental impact.

How do the 247 Fused Shorts enhance movement during workouts?

These shorts feature a 4-way stretch fabric, allowing for complete freedom of movement. This design ensures that the shorts can accommodate a wide range of activities and exercises, making them versatile for various workout routines.

What are the key features of the 247 Fused Shorts?

Key features include a 247 branded waistband with internal drawcord for an adjustable fit, reverse coil zippers to the welt pocket for secure storage, a fused side entry pocket for easy access, and quick-drying fabric for a fresh feel. The shorts also showcase 247 Number Branding and the 247 Logo for distinctive branding.

Are the 247 Fused Shorts designed for specific types of workouts?

While the 247 Fused Shorts are designed to be ultra-durable and offer complete freedom of movement, making them suitable for the toughest of workouts, their versatile features such as quick-drying fabric and stretchability make them ideal for a wide range of physical activities, including but not limited to gym sessions, running, and high-intensity training.

How do the 247 Fused Shorts ensure a comfortable and secure fit?

The shorts are equipped with an internal drawcord within the 247 branded waistband, allowing the wearer to adjust the fit according to their comfort and ensuring the shorts stay in place during vigorous activities. This adjustable fit, combined with the stretchable fabric, ensures both comfort and security during workouts.