4 Leather Pants Outfits for Men

4 Leather Pants Outfits for Men


Wearing leather pants can be a bold move for men, but if pulled off correctly they can be a standout piece for any Fall/Winter look. The mere fact that they are a pant style not often worn by men, is the reason why you should be copping some. Taking a look at some of the rockstars ‘popularising’ them; the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Keith Richards, and Mick Jagger. It may be perceived that men’s leather pants require a certain rebellious attitude to fashion choices. However, it could also be interpreted that a defiant choice such as leather pants is what leads to the perception of undeniable badassery.

This article will begin by presenting 4 men’s leather pants outfits. It shall then showcase the best leather pants for men to buy this year.

Men’s Leather Pants Outfits

As a general rule, I’d suggest that anything you’d wear with black jeans or tailored pants will suit leather pants too; it is a case of a simple swap. However, if you’re looking for some specific outfits which include leather pants, here are some that stand out which are sure to create a look which will never fail you.

With a Leather Jacket

What is better than wearing leather? Leather on leather. Running in the same lane as denim on denim (a choice vastly over-despised by many), doubling up on your fabric is a choice which should be worn with confidence; if done so correctly, it will serve you well with an effortlessly cool aesthetic. Have a look at our Leather Smart Jacket in black for the perfect pairing.

leather pants outfit

With a Graphic Tee

Over the past few years, graphic tees have become increasingly popular, and they aren’t going anywhere. Pairing your leather pants with a black or dark grey graphic tee or band t-shirt can construct an outfit synonymous with rockstar legends. Again, it is an outfit which creates synergy between the two standout pieces, with a recurring thread of imposing coolness running throughout the whole outfit.

black graphic tee

With an Overshirt 

I’d argue that an overshirt is one of the most versatile pieces to have in your wardrobe as it is. A sherpa overshirt however can elevate your winter outfit and pair beautifully with leather pants, accentuating the contrasting textures of fabrics. Your winter outfit is unlikely to get better than that.

Men's Sherpa Overshirt

With a Puffer Jacket

Staying aligned with an impeccable Fall/Winter look, a puffer jacket, in either black or other autumnal hues such as washed brown, is one of the best pieces you can wear with leather pants. 

Puffer Jacket Outfit

Best Leather Pants for Men

The Leather Tailored Pants in black are undoubtably the best leather pants for men. Crafted with a 100% leather shell and luxury cupro lining, they feature a split hem with zip closure to allow them to flow liberally over the shoe for a seamless look. They also feature a black metal D ring to the front belt loop to allow the attachment of accessories to enhance your look.

Closing Thoughts

Historically, building an outfit with leather pants for men has been a choice much discounted generally. However, leather pants can help exude the persona of effortless coolness, rebelliousness, and one which defies social norms. This article has presented four leather pants outfits for men; just remember though that if struggling for ideas, a simple swap from black jeans is always a safe bet. Leather is a great fabric for the colder months, take a look at our article on winter outfits for men for more outfit inspiration.