How To Style Oversized Clothing

How To Style Oversized Clothing


All major fashion houses and streetwear trends right now are following a predominantly oversized silhouette, made popular by artists such as Kanye West and his Yeezy collection, the oversized range has fast become the go to style for all streetwear.

Gone are the days of the tight fitting clothing, the muscle fit tops and spray on skinny jeans have now been replaced with oversized t-shirts and baggier denim. We are not choosing to favour comfort in all of our clothing, and not just for lounging around in at home.

The oversized craze isn't new however, its been done before throughout the 80's and 90's with the baggier suits and baggy jeans being a staple piece in many peoples wardrobes.

In this article I will go through the various oversized items we have to offer, and how you can best style them in this current day and age.

How To Style Oversized T-shirts

The oversized t-shirt trend was born from the skating community, as they preferred to ride with their oversized tee's and showcasing their favourite skating brands logo's on them. Also the band merch scene has grown the oversized t-shirts, using graphics from albums & singles showcased on big oversized t-shirts.

The perfect oversized t-shirt should have sleeves that fall just above the elbow, and the hem reaches anywhere below the hip, these t-shirts are created with any colour or designs on them, and the louder they are, the better.

Oversized t-shirts and women's oversized t-shirts can be worn with pretty much anything, they can be dressed down for comfort and be paired with a pair of baggy joggers, it can be dressed more streetwear style with some baggy denim or alternatively tucked into some smarter pants to give a more formal look. 

If you're looking to elevate your look, try pairing with a varsity jacket. Our varsity jackets feature a cropped body so if you're looking for an oversized fit, then feel free to take a size up.

Oversized t-shirts have become a staple in all of Represents collections, becoming the based fit for the majority of our t-shirt designs. All our our Blank t-shirts and our Graphic t-shirts use the oversized silhouette, and these are our bestselling t-shirts.

How To Style Oversized Hoodies

Again the oversized hoodie trend started just how the oversized t-shirt trend did, with skating. They used to rock their oversized skating hoodies whilst skating to show off the bands, and also help a little bit with protection as they fell off the skateboards.

The perfect oversized hoodie whould have a drop shoulder that falls somewhere towards the top of your arm, the sleeves must be cuffed at the end so the material doesn't drape over your hands, and it must have an oversized hood to match for comfort.

Oversized hoodies can accompany any outfit, they can be worn with oversized t-shirts and baggy joggers for a comfy look, they can be worn with a pair of cargo pants for that streetwear vibe, or that can be worn under a jacket and paired with some denim if you are wanting a more formal evening look.

Oversized hoodies are another one of Represent's staples, as all of our hoodies use this oversized, boxy style. Our Blank hoodies & Owners Club hoodies both use the oversized silhouettes and our Owners' Club hoodies use big graphics on both the front and rear to have that vintage skating look. 

How To Style Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans have always been around in fashion, from the 80's all the way to modern times, they have always been there but not appreciated enough. The days of tight fitting, spray on skinny jeans are over (and that i'm glad of) and the looser fitting jean is now here. 

Finding the right baggy jean is crucial however, there are some factors you need to consider before purchasing the right ones. Baggy jeans should not be getting caught under your shoes, bunching or falling off the hip by being too big for you. Instead, they should fit perfectly round the waist and fall just above the sneaker line, unless you want a cropped fit, then it should fall just above the ankle.

A good pair of baggy jeans can be worn with any item of clothing, they pair perfectly with some oversized t-shirts and oversized hoodies. Represent baggy jeans and Carpenter denim are the perfect example of how a baggy pair of jeans should look and fit.

So this is how you should style a complete oversized look, you should take inspiration from the skating community and how they style their oversized clothing, and it isnt just limited to casual wear, you can rock oversized clothing with pretty much anything.  If you're looking for some oversized hoodies to fill your wardrobe, then check out our range of green hoodiesred hoodies and pink hoodies.

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