FAQs - Hooded Training Jacket - Moonstone

What is the 247 Hooded Training Jacket made from, and does it have any special coatings?

The 247 Hooded Training Jacket is crafted from 100% woven ripstop nylon, featuring a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating for enhanced longevity and protection against adverse weather conditions and rain.

What unique features does the 247 Hooded Training Jacket offer for outdoor activities?

This jacket offers branded auto lockable zip heads for secure closure, an adjustable hem with a bungee cord and toggle for tailored fit, and a toggled hood for added versatility. Its lightweight design and water-repellent fabric make it ideal for outdoor activities like gym warm-ups, runs, and hikes.

Can the 247 Hooded Training Jacket be considered suitable for daily wear?

Yes, the jacket's contemporary aesthetics combined with its functionality and durability make it suitable for everyday use, ensuring comfort and protection in various settings.

How does the branding appear on the 247 Hooded Training Jacket?

The jacket features the 247 number branding prominently on the back and the 247 logo on the front in snow white, adding a distinctive touch to its overall design.