Represent x Megadeth™

Represent x Megadeth™


In the latest instalment of the very limited Represent rock collaborations, we collabed with iconic American Heavy Metal Legends, Megadeth

During our initial design and research phase, we first set out with one design idea in mind that encapsulated the classic Megadethwhich coincided with the Represent luxury streetwear cutting edge style and finish. After hours of perfecting a design, it became clear there were still many elements of Megadeth's iconic album artwork and lyrics that were not getting the recognition they fully deserved. 

For the first time, we decided we would release three designs as part of one singular exclusive collab. Each design with its own identity and attitude and each design that focussed on a different aspect and era of the Megadeth music journey, which first began in 1983. 

‘Vic Goes To Hell’ is our take on the iconic vintage band t-shirt that first dropped in 1991 as part of the Hidden Treasures 1991 EP. As much sought after as it is in intricity, we wanted to offer a unique offering as well as redefining the iconic print. We achieved this through adding a scratched blackboard effect to both the front and back of the garment. Such a process required countless hours of prep and washing from the production team before the t-shirts were ready to be screen printed. This is why we truly believe every single Represent garment is unique and why luxury quality is always at the forefront of our thinking. 

‘Countdown to extinction’, dedicated to the fifth album in Megadeth’s journey. The album came at a pivotal point in the band's career and was the band's top charting album, which is a record that still stands to this day. This is why we felt it needed to be a feature in the Represent x Megadeth collaboration. Incorporating the album's artwork dark aesthetic, the abacus design is a new spin on the iconic artwork design on a luxury vintage black t-shirt finish. 

Lastly in the limited print series was ‘Dystopia’. An ode to the bands most recent era which saw them return with a thrashing album which returned to the bands heavy metal roots. The futuristic and dystopian artwork was a concept that gave us both the freedom to create something completely modern yet vintage whilst staying true to classic Megadethstyle. The bold cyan print on the jet black t-shirt makes the bold statement intended and was the perfect design to close the book on our Represent x Megadethdesign journey.

With each design being in very limited quantities and completely exclusive - don’t miss out on this collaboration that will still resonate in years to come.