Patron of the Club Sample Sale 2022

Matthew Martin

Join us on Friday 3rd June and Saturday 4th of June, when we shall be hosting our Patron of the Club Sample Sale in Manchester.

Represent x Liam Gallagher

At the Sample Sale, you can expect to see our brand new collaboration with Liam Gallagher, for which we have produced limited edition LG hoodies and T-Shirts. These pieces have been exclusively produced for the Sample Sale. Due to limited quantities, we are limiting these garments to one hoodie and one t-shirt per person.

Patron of the Club

In addition to our LG collab, our Patron of the Club T-Shirts and Hoodies will also be available. Produced in quantities of 100 t-shirts and 50 hoodies, these pieces have been created exclusively for this event. We expect these to sell out fast, so if you want to cop them, we suggest that you arrive at the event early. We are also limiting these garments to one hoodie and one t-shirt per person.


Of course we shall also selling sample pieces at the event. We assure you that there are plenty and they shall be being restocked hourly across the 2 days. We do expect these pieces to sell out by the end of the event, so get down as soon as you can to secure what you want.

Gooey Cookies

At the Sample Sale we shall be showcasing our collaboration with Gooey Cookies, with exclusive Rep x Gooey cookies being handed out complimentary to anyone at the event.

Event Details

Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th June

Doors: 11am - 6pm

Address: The Avenue, Spinningfields, Manchester, M33HF