Blanks by Represent

Blanks by Represent


Blanks by Represent is the new collection where luxury, iconic streetwear meets everyday essentialism. 

We have perfected a Blanks collection that both offers adaptability and comfort with affordability. Countless samples have been re-measured and re-configured until we have finally achieved the ultimate cotton blend of premium fit and quality. 

During the extensive production process each Blanks garment undergoes strenuous inhouse quality checks and fabric stress-testing to ensure the quality stands the test of time. Each piece is hand dyed, pre-shrunk and washed before being individually hand finished with signature metal Represent emboss. 

We believe this new design and production formula truly sets the Represent Blanks collection aside from everyday loungewear garments due to the sheer dedication and relentless optimisation that has gone into every aspect of each garment in the Blanks collection.

Using only a 100% pure cotton 450gsm blend, there is a Blanks garment for all everyday styles and fits. From zip hoodies to long sleeve t-shirts and shorts - each style is available in a variety of washes and colours. 

For a limited time only buy three Blanks products and receive 33% off the total of your order.