INSIDE REP | The Story Behind The New

INSIDE REP | The Story Behind The New


2020 was the biggest year in Rep’s 10 year history. In what was a challenging year for the entire world, Represent strived to do something different and push boundaries by designing garments that exceeded initial expectation. It was this vision, along with the work that goes on behind the scenes, that contributed to what was a landmark year for the Represent family worldwide. 

So for 2021 how do we level it up again? We decided to start with the new. After internal deliberation and meticulous planning, we drew up three steps that would enact as the blueprint for the brand's evolution, whilst still remaining true to ourselves as people, and the brand's core identity.


This felt like the first natural step the brand needed to take in order to evolve into what we see as the ultimate end-vision. The classic Represent logo became a symbol that was recognised around the world but now we felt was the perfect time to redefine and reshape the logo into something that better suited where Represent is now positioned as a cutting-edge luxury streetwear designer. 

“We wanted to create something that better reflected the brand's direction and mission. Simplicity was always paramount but we wanted to make a bolder statement that made a lasting impression.
We now believe we have designed the perfect logo that reflects exactly what Represent is about and who we are as a brand.”



Represent is a brand that has always heavily invested and recognised the importance of a strong digital presence. Building an online following spread around the world is what spearheads the brand's organic growth and development. The Represent webstore is a huge component of who we are as a brand, and it is essentially the main hub that connects Represent to fans around the world. Rebuilding the online store from scratch, inline with our new vision and aesthetic was another logical step we knew was necessary and was a top priority to execute it to perfection. Throughout the past year, we carefully listened and monitored customer feedback and highlighted the exact areas we needed to enhance and fine-tune.

Improving the online browsing experience: We designed a completely new and unique speed navigation concept which better helps users navigate through collections and other areas of the website. We also added other elements to the website which hand the user greater control and flexibility whilst browsing along with revitalising the entire site design.

Giving Represent fans and seasoned Prestige members more of an insight into what actually goes on behind the scenes through exclusive content pieces such as Q&A interviews, Inside Rep news articles. This will add another dimension to the brand and is another step we are taking to show you why we really are the best brand in the world. 

“The new Represent webstore is a project we have been keen to execute for some time. We knew the areas where we needed to enhance such as the whole browsing experience and especially wanting to tell a better story behind each and every product. 
Since the website launch we are delighted to see the whole project has had the desired effect and the insanely positive feedback we have received from fans of the brand is always great to hear.

We will always continue innovating and adapting to give the most seamless browsing and shopping experience with us.”



The aim was clear. We wanted to create new collections which offered other purpose to Rep fans, whilst still always remaining true to the core Represent values of quality and fit. With the launch and landmark successes of the new 247, Blanks and Represent Owners Club collections. 

The 247 Pants are taking over the world. Sold in over 100 countries and counting. The new Blanks collections are redefining the whole concept of loungewear and there are still so many more ideas and innovations in the development phase. 

The mission continues and the vision is only just underway.